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Small business consulting that suit your needs.


We use the 5elephants Way to ensure your success.

(1) Clarity:  Getting clear on what the real issue and root cause is key.


(2) Conviction:  We are solution driven.  Being committed to problem solving the issue will help the business move through it.


(3) Care:  It is imperative to acknowledge staff, clients, and stakeholders’ responses and allow for concerns, issues, barriers, and reactions.


(4) Continuity:  Continue the conversations as needed and follow through until the issue has been addressed, changed, and resolved.


(5) Courage:  This is the foundation for each step.  It takes courage to implement changes to process, program, and/or service needs.  You must be a courageous leader to make the changes your business needs.

  • Conducting SWOT analysis using staff, client, and stakeholder survey feedback.

  • Identifying service gaps, root causes, and areas for improvement.

  • Creating business plans.

  • Developing strategic plans.

  • Creating new projects based on identified needs.

  • Offer Professional Employee Organizational Services.

  • Staffing and shared business management services, including accounting, human resources, development and marketing, and benefit services.

  • Creating new projects, policies, and procedures.

  • Performing internal control assessments.

  • Implementing internal and quality controls and helping businesses become audit ready.

  • Simplifying and processing Medicaid billing for nonprofits.​​

  • Logo and web design and maintenance.

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